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Shurite Kempo: Life Protection - Hard Style Karate

From Grandmaster Gary Music


"Shurite Kempo is not a martial art style; actually it is not a martial art.Shurite Kempo is a method of defense that is used by a group of like minded martial artists of various mostly hard style fighting styles .

This association between these martial artists has been around for 34 years. I started as the senior ranking student under Sensei Stan Hart. At the time 1981 I was a second dan in Japanese Karate-do – Korean Karate and Taekwondo and Hapkido. In those days Taekwondo especially offshoots of Sang Moo Kwan were often called “Korean Karate”
Sensei Hart taught me a different way to look at kata completely different than my karate-do training. Sensei Hart introduced me to a defense only or life protection approach to kata that is the most effective self protection method I have ever been exposed to in my 43 years in martial arts.


We were influenced from several Okinawan master Kempo instructors who I prefer not to identify because we are not nor were we ever members on their formal associations. That is out of respect to Sensei Hart and the above mentioned masters. But make no mistake the greatest influence in this method is from the late Sensei Stan Hart. I believe his skill level surpassed his instructors in similar methods because he was open, thought out of the box and continued to practice until his untimely death in 2007."

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