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Shurite Kempo Life Protection Seminar
Shurite Kempo Life Protection Seminar
October 6, 2018 | 8am-2pm
Victor Kettlebell & MMA | 6385 State Route 96, Suite 410 | Victor, NY 14564
"...most self protection systems teach you how to beat up an attacker. I teach you how to protect yourself from an attacker who is better at fighting than you." 


Life Protection System™ - A method derived from Okinawan hard style martial art tactics. This effective method of protection uses the concept of “taking whole” from the Sun Tzu, (The Art of War). If you are in a martial art that practices kata as its’ base or in a hard style kettlebell program this self protection method is for you. It is a transferable skill with progressions that can be practiced to develop a high level of life protection skills.  Life Protection System™ it is not a martial art, it is a method of preserving life, protection for yourself and others. 
Incorporating the principle that "you don't choose your attacker, your attacker chooses you"from the Sun Tzu, Gary founded 8 crucial drills that will internalize the timing & skill needed for effective self defense and prepare you for an attack.


During this 6 hour seminar you will learn:

  • The most effective self-defense method available

  • How to protect yourself from close range unexpected attacks

  • Advanced timing drills


  • Life Protection Guide

  • A 12 week Self Defense Strength Training  program

  • Exclusive Life Protection System t-shirt

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